Be your own Bodyguard Seminar / Workshop

Saturday 13th August at 12pm

At Hurlston Hall in Main Studio


With Combat Fitness with Jennie (1st Dan Black Belt) & Simon Morrell (7TH Dan Black Belt)

07595 221 167

More About our Be your own Bodyguard Seminar / Workshop

Every day there are reports of attacks in the news, TV or on social media, weather they are targeted, or the attack is spontaneous or simply just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, would you know how to react and respond to keep yourself, family, or friends safe.

Don’t get me wrong this Seminar is not going to teach you how to become a fighter, it is aimed at improving your awareness, building your confidence, and improving your control of your own fight or flight coping mechanism.

 I am a true believer it is much better to have the knowledge and skills and not ever need them rather than to find yourself in a situation and have no idea how and when to react. The First rule of Self Defence is to escape, run, to remove yourself from any dangerous or threating situations or even better to spot the danger and to remove your self before anything escalates, having even that ability under stress to be able to react quickly can take a lot of courage.

By adding Self Protection to your skills, could possibly help save your life and one day you may even be able to save someone else’s.

Be your Own Bodyguard with Simon Morrell (7th Dan Black Belt) will help improve your reaction skills, help you identify dangers, improve your awareness, and build confidence. This Seminar is suitable for everyone, weather you are off the University this year, travelling, or recovering from a previous attack it will help you regain your confidence.

You will learn

  • Control & Restraint Moves
  • Power Striking & Defences
  • Third Party Protection
  • Fear Control
  • Awareness Drills

No previous experience is required, we recommend you wear clothes you would normally go to the gym in i.e., Shorts / Leggings and T Shirt.

Please Bring a towel and water with you

Be Your Own Bodyguard Seminar & Workshop is Open to members and non-members of Hurlston Hall, for Male & Females over the age of 14 years old.

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